15 – Soth 3: Final Summoning

In our final episode of Soth with special guests Michael and Caleb of The RPG Academy, will we succeed in our quest to summon Soth and become dark divine beings of tentacles and glitter? How many unconscious people CAN we fit in one school garbage bin?  How did we survive without caller ID?


Find more from Michael and Caleb on therpgacademy.com or on twitter: @therpgacademy and @thecalebg.

Check out the game and more from Steve Hickey Games (http://www.stevehickeygames.blogspot.co.nz), or follow him on twitter: @SteveHickeyRPG or @sothrpg.

2 Replies to “15 – Soth 3: Final Summoning”

  1. I’m curious, what did Emily think was going to happen at the end or her plan for how it was going to end. It was a lot of fun to listen to, and definitely absurd, I feel like you have to keep the story in the 80’s.

    1. She has yet to comment on what might have been — I think we took out all her investigators much faster than expected. 😉

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