19 – Heroine: Icefall

On today’s episode we’re joined by Phil and Chris of the Misdirected Mark Podcast and Encoded Designs (misdirectedmark.com and encodeddesigns.com) to continue our game of Heroine from Ginger Goat Games (ginger-goat.blogspot.com). We rejoin Summer on her adventure with her companions, Noir the albino snow goblin, and Sarah, the terrified ginger bread girl. Will Summer find a way home?

Check out Encoded Design’s cool current project, the Character Cache.

Follow Chris on twitter @misdirectedMark, or Phil @DNAPhil, or @EncodedDesigns.

FollowJosh Jordan of Ginger Goat games @joshtjordan.

3 Replies to “19 – Heroine: Icefall”

  1. That was great fun to listen to. It seems like a cool system and you guys came up with some great ideas for it. Also, whoever was playing Noir sounds just like Bob Odenkirk; I kept picturing a goblin version of Saul Goodman. 😉

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