70 — Genesys: Everyday I’m Bustlin’

Story Manager from Fantasy Flight Games Katrina Ostrander is GMing the 3rd part of our steampunk journey through Genesys. Learn more about Genesys, which hit the shelves 12/1, here, or you can get it directly from Fantasy Flight here!

In the last episode, Emily, Senda, & our special guest Mariam all left Lady Selene’s gala when the mysterious Dr. Petrova kidnapped Constance, a common-born girl gifted with magic normally reserved for the nobles. Arriving in the poor area of town known as the Squaler, Lady Allison Castleton found herself out of place in a new, rather pungent area of town. The investigator Cordelia Scarborough flipped her ball gown into the disguise of a man complete with mustache, and the ruffian Goli was able to connect with someone who told them where Dr. Petrova’s laboratory is.

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