3 – Smugglers: Fate Accelerated 3

Bartender don’t care.  Glitter everywhere.

In the thrilling conclusion to our Fate Accelerated game, our heroes discover the location of their contact Brittania in the back rooms of the gambling guild as the citizenry waits breathlessly for the annual exploding android goat show.  But not all is as it seems as the rescue mission progresses…


The Cast
Senda: Adelaine the hot-shot adrenalin junkie pilot
Kat: Lulu the Amazonian-esque warrior with an Etsy weapons store
Travis: Zachary the hacker in deep trouble with the Gambling Guild
Emily: Everyone else including a lot of people in pin stripe and a shy, star struck bouncer

Find Kat Murphy on the OneShot Podcasting Network.

Cool games from Travis Parker at Golden Griffon Games.

Our theme song is Rock N Roleplay Baby by Kieran Strange.  Find more cool music, merchandise, and tour dates on her website kieranstrange.com, or follow her on twitter for news and updates.

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  1. This podcast is amazing. So much fun. Thanks for the episode and i’m looking forward to next time.

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