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64 – The Scarecrow

**Trigger Warning: child death, off screen violence to children, active violence 

Emily and Senda are joined by the talented Wendelyn Reischl and Camdon Wright to play The Scarecrow by Post World Games. “The Scarecrow is a story roleplaying game about isolation and superstition. Characters are children living in rural America all dealing with a local ‘legend’ about a Scarecrow, who may or may not be real.” 

Wendelyn Reischl as Carrie the Adopted Child

Camdon Wright as Gavin the Runaway Child

Senda as Rosie the Artistic Child

Emily as Mary Jo the Rancher’s Child

We recorded in person, so the audio quality is a bit different than our other games. You can also hear our imaginary cat friend Mithril meowing and bumping the mic. We’re sorry about that, but how do you stop an imaginary cat from doing anything?

51 – Pip System: Nigel Steele Saves the World

Join the Queen’s own special baking investigation division as they embark on their first mission — what is DCT, why is it making people go mad, and where is it coming from? THE FINAL INSTALLMENT — the truth is out! Yes, he’s had that magic deck the whole time.

Sorry for the sound quality! This was the last episode recorded with one mic in the middle of the table.

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