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63 —Masks: I Know You Think You Can Handle This

The Calvacade of Freaks save themselves and their plucky mascot Pluto from being kidnapped by the mercenary Knuckle-Duster. In their escape Kel known as Hectate advocated abandoning their caretaker Mad Maude who was then warped away from the site. Safely within the walls of a League of Super Heroes hideout our teens listen to the adult supers discuss Maude and other non-human-looking supers’ disappearances. The distressed fish-like transformed Helen Reckless demands the group save their house mother when Shryee known as Stardust gets a tingle in her alien senses.

62 — Masks: Leave the Maude, Take the Dog

Under attack by mercenaries, our cavalcade of teenage superhero freaks flee the house — leaving their caretaker Mad Maude behind.

Angela–GM (Find Angela on twitter or on Gnome Stew)

Shyree Trist/”Stardust”–Emily B. (Find Emily B. on twitter and on Whelmed)

Helen Reckless/”Reckless”–Senda





61 – Masks: Origin Story

Emily and Senda are joined by Angela Murray of Gnome Stew and Emily Buza of the Whelmed podcast to play Masks, a game of teenage superheroes from Magpie Games. On today’s episode: an origin story of oceanic immensity! How a crash at the city aquarium brought our three heroes to live under one roof!

Find Angela on twitter or on Gnome Stew

Find Emily B. on twitter and on Whelmed

24 – Damn the Man, Save the Music: Donna Winters Day!

On today’s episode we’re joined by special guests Hannah Shaffer and PK Sullivan to continue our play test preview of Hannah’s new game: Damn the Man, Save the Music.

You can find Hannah and PK on twitter @pk_sullivan and @handbandit, and PK’s Three Rocketeers on drivethrurpg.com.  Find Hannah’s Questlandia and 14 Days on makebigthings.com, as well as keeping up with her upcoming games (like this one).

Smackin’ A Walrus was created by Mel Fox @melerella and Karen Looney aka . We absolutely snagged the idea for them from Twitter. Here’s Karen’s wonderful poster art, starring Mel!

Smackin' A Walrus - Karen Looney