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New level – 2 – One Anniversary Special

It’s the one year anniversary of our first episode!  We’re so happy you have stuck with us. Since we had some technical issues with our New Level episode last month, we’re giving you TWO this month! This episode is all our outtakes from our first year….if you can remember why we’re angry with cucumbers, please tell us.

Thank you so much to all our amazing guests for helping to make this podcast so much fun, and to all our wonderful Patreon backers for helping to keep us on the air.

BONUS: New Level 1 – Most Transformative Game Experience

Welcome to the first of our New Level bonus episodes!  We’re creating these extra episodes once a month, answering questions from our listeners (or a number of other things our normal actual play doesn’t cover).  Many, many thanks to our Patreon backers for helping us hit our second milestone goal — that’s why we’re doing this! Hope you enjoy!

On today’s episode, Emily and Senda chat quickly about Patreon, then answer a really cool question from Swallows of the South: What was your most transformative game experience? We’d love to hear about yours too!  Hit us up on twitter, tumblr, G+, or Facebook!