35 – Call of Catthulhu: Invasion of the Buzzy Wings

Three very cat like cats are sucked from pursuing the continuance of the great idea (make humans make the world as comfortable as possible) to defending their area and possibly the world against the invasion of the ancient insect god. With the appearance of strange buzzy wings interfering with their day, can they stop the strange creatures before all the susceptible humans are out of commission?

We’re joined this week by John Arcadian, Gnome in Chief at Gnome Stew and Wendy Eberhardt of Gamer’s Giving to break out our inner cats.

Call of Catthulhu is a game by Joel Sparks. Find out more on catthulhu.com, or follow on twitter @catthulhu.

34 – Greetings from the Mystical Bakery

We admit it — Gen Con. It’s a filler episode. BUT. Despite some less than our accustomed sound quality and the lack of an ACTUAL gaming system, we can promise that it was a fun random encounter starring THE Adal Rifai of Hello from the Magic Tavern.

THIS IS EXPLICIT: you have been warned. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming in two weeks!  Thanks for bearing with us and if we saw you at Gen Con, OMG SO MUCH AWESOME!

33 – Millennial Apartment Hunters

We’re joined on this week’s episode by our RPGA Network friends Chris and Kendall of the Redemption podcast to play James D’Amato’s Millennial Apartment Hunters. Walk with us through three fictional apartments, each somehow worse than the last.  Where on earth will our family end up?

BONUS 3: Reflections Kickstarter Special

On today’s special bonus episode, Senda is joined by Jim McClure to play Reflections, a GMless two player redesign of A Single Moment…NOW ON KICKSTARTER!

Jim and Senda finally finish what they started back in that tiny pirate boat in the Eastern most part of the United States….and here is the final conclusion to the podcast wars.


32 – Message

Two spybots meet in the ether and attempt to communicate with only the language of the current email they are skimming available to them.  Is it love?  Is it rebellion?

You can find Message and more of Caitlynn’s other games on her website caitlynnbelle.com, or follow her on twitter @weirdcaitie.

31 – Dungeons and Dragons: It’s all in the ears

Rich Howard joins us to finish our mildly drunken play of Dungeons and Dragons 5e!  Is it possible? WILL THERE BE ACTUAL COMBAT? The only way to know….is to listen.

You can find more of Rich Howard as a frequent guest on the DM’s Block DM Nastics and on Tribality.com.

30 – Dungeons and Dragons: Return of the MetaCast

On today’s episode, Arthur and Ziva continue their quest to impress the Mollydancer thieves’ guild.  They explore some very interesting market places and Senda and Rich both get a bit drunker.

You can find more of Rich Howard as a frequent guest on the DM’s Block DM Nastics and on Tribality.com.

BONUS 2: Threadbare Kickstarter Special

We’re keeping it weekly for a little longer—Emily and Senda are joined by Stephanie Bryant, author of Threadbare, which is in its last hours on kickstarter!  It’s a great game and has already backed, so this is your chance to get in on the stitch punk awesomeness.  Find more here:


Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mortaine/threadbare-rpg-a-stitchpunk-tabletop-role-playing

D&D will continue on our regularly scheduled Tuesday next week — more of Arthur and Ziva incoming!


29 – Dungeons and Dragons: Welcome to Cyan

It’s true, Emily talked me in to it. We’re just at a point in our relationship where we felt we needed to experiment with D&D. It’s okay guys — we played with a safe word.

Rich Howard of Tribality joins us to play a quick 5e adventure…and maybe have a few drinks.