Senda joins the One Shot Podcast to Play Dialect

If you just can’t get enough actual play, don’t miss Senda on this week’s One Shot episode! A martian colony is cut off from Earth for decades. Overs this time they begin to develop a unique, if cultish culture. Words take on new meanings as the colonists struggle to find a home on their new planet.

Podcast round up — we’ve been all over the place!

It’s been an exciting few months and we’ve been terrible about sharing links!  Can’t get enough of our dulcet tones?  Here are some other podcasts we’ve guested on recently that you might be interested in.   Jim McClure has interviewed both of us on his wonderful podcast Talking Tabletop: Emily Senda   We joined the RPG Academy for a Scooby Doo…

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It’s official!

It’s official! Kat Murphy of the Campaign Podcast and Travis Parker from Golden Griffon Games joined us to record our first episode today.  Our crazy crew of smugglers accidentally took on a gambling mafia in a daring attempt to….oh, so THAT’S what’s going on! Look for it Tuesday, May 5!