Dear friends,

We are sad to announce that She’s a Super Geek will air its last official episode at the end of December. We’ve had a wonderful run, and we’re truly grateful for everything this podcast has given us. We believe that while women still experience many gender-based struggles in the world of RPGs and podcasting, great strides have been made in the five years since we started this show. The best way to end a project is when you feel that your voice is no longer alone, and that you can rest easy, knowing that you’ve pushed your purpose forward and others have taken up the cry.

But while we believe that progress has been made, we also believe there is more work to be done to raise the profile and give equal access to people with other marginalized genders. We spent quite a while trying to figure out if we could be that show, but we’ve had to come to the conclusion that we can’t—both because we don’t want to speak over people with different experiences, and because we are very tired. The space we created in 2014 with SASGeek has served its purpose. However, it was exclusionary, and we are pleased that both we and the community have outgrown its usefulness. Our goal is to pass on our platform and facilitate the creation of a new show which can reflect people of all marginalized genders in leadership roles at the table. We are working with Mariam (who you may remember from our Genesys episodes or from their Musafirs Podcast) to set up that new show. We are excited to share more details as we sort them out!

To our friends and listeners, we are beyond grateful for your ears and your support all these years. To our patrons, you changed our lives. To our many fantastic guests, the honor to play games with you will never be forgotten. We are ready for a well earned rest, to play some games with no mics, and to reclaim some time in our lives. While it can be sad to leave behind such a large project, we also know that it’s time to let it go, and we are ready to invest in ourselves and our other projects. After our last episode, you can still hear Senda on Panda’s Talking Games and you can still hear Andi on The Redemption Podcast.

We want to leave our listeners in good hands. If you are a person of a marginalized gender (ie you are not a cisgender man) and you are interested in getting into actual play podcasting with a slant on normalizing leadership by people with marginalized genders, we want to hear from you! You can contact us by DMing our Twitter @SASGeekPodcast or emailing Senda: [email protected].

Please don’t let lack of formal experience stop you from applying. We want to hear from anyone who is interested. Senda and I didn’t have much experience when we began this podcast, and we’re really happy to help kickstart something new. Again, to all of you, thank you so much.

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