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14 – Soth part 2: The Deafening

On today’s episode, we’re once again joined by Michael and Caleb of The RPG Academy to attempt to summon the elder god Soth from beyond the veils of this reality.  It’s all a game, of course.


Of course.


Find more from Michael and Caleb on therpgacademy.com or on twitter: @therpgacademy and @thecalebg.

Check out the game and more from Steve Hickey Games (http://www.stevehickeygames.blogspot.co.nz), or follow him on twitter: @SteveHickeyRPG or @sothrpg.


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5 – Doll

Senda and Emily play Doll, the creepy two player dice less one shot game from Ginger Goat. Are these parents wonderful…..or horrible?

Senda – DeeDee (the Doll)

Emily – Jackie (the little Girl)

Our theme song is Rock N Roleplay Baby by Kieran Strange.  Find more cool music, merchandise, and tour dates on her website kieranstrange.com, or follow her on twitter for news and updates.