Special Name Announcement


I–known as Emily–have decided to change my name. Without further ado…

Andromeda “Andi” Fox

This podcast & all our friends, patrons, listeners, etc. has really opened my heart up to being the best me I can be throughout my entire life. I’ve been compartmentalized a lot in my life, and I’m still working on breaking down those barriers. This is a big step that I’m excited to share with you.

My co-host Senda has been amazing supporting me as I’ve searched for something that fit my current identity and who I want to grow into. (You can also thank her for vetoing Solo and Odinson as last names.) I cannot tell you how lucky I am to have Senda in my life.

There will still be some podcasts with my old name on them coming out because they’ve been recorded already. It really depends on the podcast as to how long the old name will last, but everything going forward will have my new name. There will be an adjustment as we get everything changed, but I’m really excited.

Thank you for all your support, Andi

4 Replies to “Special Name Announcement”

  1. Not only is this amazing, I know why you did it. You just wanted the rest of the world to see how cool you are.

    Stay shiny.


  2. Congratulations on your decision. I know it’s incredibly difficult confronting the possibility that the identity you’ve lived with is not your current or authentic self.

    I’m so happy you have the support of this community, and I find this really inspiring. I hope you continue exploring, growing, healing, and putting yourself out there.

  3. I’m so late to this its not even funny. But I only recently found the redemption podcast and with it you, Andi. I was so excited when I listened to you and Kaylee make your announcements. As someone who is trying to come out and live openly as Non-binary, and also trying to change thier name to better match thier identity this was just very exciting to see happening. Thank you.

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