She’s a Super Geek joins the RPG Academy Network!

We’re so happy to announce that we’ve joined the RPG Academy Network!  The RPG Academy network is jam packed with all kinds of other great podcasts and blogs to fulfill your RPG media cravings.  Over the next week or so we will be updating the website to include links to the other shows and pages in our network.

And a Contest!

As a part of our celebration, we’re holding a drawing now through 11/17/15 for two lucky winners to receive a prize bundle of Kieran Strange’s CD Adamantine Hearts (with Rock’n’Role Play Baby on it) along with stickers and buttons and other goodies!  To enter, leave us a review on iTunes — of course we like five stars but that’s not a requirement. Follow us on twitter to see our announcement of the winners and we’ll send you the cool swag once you confirm.


Goodies from Kieran Strange
Goodies from Kieran Strange

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