We are nominated for an ENnie Award for Best RPG Podcast!

We are so overwhelmed and humbled to be nominated for an ENnie award. She’s a Super Geek was conceived in late 2014 and has been a labor of love through some interesting times in both of our lives. So many folx have supported us; so many wonderful folx have run games for us; so many wonderful folx have played with us. We’d especially like to thank Phil Vecchione, Chris Sniezak, Rob Abrazado, and the entire Misdirected Mark crew and community. Also Gnome Stew, Cass Lange, Ariel Weiss, Encoded Designs, and everyone who’s bee listening! Thank you. We really really appreciate you, and we wouldn’t be here doing this without you. We hope to bring you delicious game play for many years to come. Congratulations also to the other nominees — Asians Represent!Ken and Robin Talk About StuffPlot Points, and Red Moon Roleplaying. We are so flattered to share this honor with you.

Also — don’t miss the Turning Point Quickstart, coming soon to DriveThruRPG! Turning Point is a game by SASG host Senda and Phil Vecchione from MMP/Encoded Designs/Gnome Stew, and is about the way we make difficult decisions. It’s GMless, prepless, and plays in 3-4 hours. 


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