141- A Cool and Lonely Courage 2

Content Notice: Nazis, WWII, imprisonment, concentration camps, the Holocaust, police raids, assassination, interrogation, homophobia

Today we’re playing Part 2 of A Cool and Lonely Courage by Alex White with Betsy Rosenblatt. Find it here: https://planesailinggames.com/a-cool-and-lonely-courage.html

Not a single SOE woman broke in interrogation. Even under horrific circumstances, none of them broke. This episode we hear about calm moments, how the women were captured, and what each of their fates is.

The three stories we present today about Marcel, Celine, and Marie-Alice are fiction, but they are representative of what the women of the SOE faced. We are playing in tribute to the historical women who served and the many who died. We commend these books written about them to you.

Books about the Women of the SOE

  • The Heroines of SOE: F-Section: Britain’s Secret Women in France by Beryl E. Scott
  • Lonely Courage by Rick Stroud
  • She Landed by Moonlight by Carole Seymour-Jones
  • Moondrop to Gascony by Anne-Marie Walters
  • Nancy Wake by Russell Braddon
  • Odette by Jerrard Tickell
  • I Heard My Country Calling: Elaine Madden, the Unsung Heroine of the SOE by Sue Elliot
  • The Women Who Spied for Britain by Robyn Walker
  • Between Silk and Cyanide: A Code Makers War by Leo Marks

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