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61 – Masks: Origin Story

Emily and Senda are joined by Angela Murray of Gnome Stew and Emily Buza of the Whelmed podcast to play Masks, a game of teenage superheroes from Magpie Games. On today’s episode: an origin story of oceanic immensity! How a crash at the city aquarium brought our three heroes to live under one roof!

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48 – Gen Con 2016: AT LAST the 5 min. RPGs!

Better late than never! Emily and I were both a bit under the weather this week, so we finally got around to the long awaited audio from our Gen Con five minute RPGs. We ran these games using Evil Hat’s It’s Not My Fault Cards. You can get more info about running them in the episode of Panda’s Talking Games where I talked about running them (http://misdirectedmark.com/talking-games-seventeen-short-form-games/) or in this handy dandy Gnome Stew article: http://www.gnomestew.com/game-mastering/its-not-the-size-that-counts-its-how-you-use-it/

Extra music in this episode thanks to Joshua Empyre and Tyops on freesound.org.

36 – Call of Catthulhu: The Pond

Three very cat like cats are sucked from pursuing the continuance of the great idea (make humans make the world as comfortable as possible) to defending their area and possibly the world against the invasion of the ancient insect god. The strange buzzy wings appear to be coming from the Library. But how do you get in to a locked room when you have no opposable thumbs?

We’re joined this week by John Arcadian, Gnome in Chief at Gnome Stew and Wendy of Gamer’s Giving to break out our inner cats.

Call of Catthulhu is a game by Joel Sparks. Find out more on catthulhu.com, or follow on twitter @catthulhu.