She’s a Super Geek is a live play RPG podcast hosted by Andi and Senda. What do we play? Well, honestly, whatever we feel like! It’s all about having fun.

Alright, we do have one agenda item and it’s this: there are a lot of live play podcasts on the web these days.  But you know what sets us apart?  We’re showcasing women as GMs, and making sure our sound quality is the best that it can be!



Senda has been playing RPGs for over 15 years, and geeks out about other live play podcasts a ton — especially OneShot, Campaign, and CritJuice.  She’s always been a fantasy buff and she usually wears steampunk to conventions. You can find Senda on Twitter and on tumblr.




Andi–formerly Emily– loves gaming and has been doing it since she was a freshman in college. She’s really excited to run new games and explore story-forward gaming. You can find Andi on twitter.  You can also hear her on the Wednesday Evening Podcast All-Stars and the Redemption Podcast.

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  1. I was wondering if you’d be interested in a preview soft copy of book 6 of my series of rpg books.
    The name of the book is Dark Revelations – The Role Playing Game – Book of Progress.
    I’d love to get your opinion and feedback.
    Thanks in advance.

    Dark Revelations – Book of Progress
    Machines played a part long before and after the Times of Revelations.
    • Comprehensive Mechanical Life form rules for d20, including new body frames and the opportunity to play a plush robot!
    • Random plot hook generated by text message!
    • The mysterious Kilgorean finally revealed.
    • The Cybercult fleshed out …er metaled out for all to see.
    • The Elysium Corporation secrets.
    • Crafting rules refined
    • Weaponboards defined
    • and much, much more.

  2. Loving your podcast, and the theme rocks! I just had a creepy experience with DeeDee.

    You have also open me up to Kieran Strange and his amazing collection, and I don’t know when he came out or if you still use his theme but can you edit or shout out his pronouns?

    I was looking for a direct way to message you, so I hope I’m not out of line.

    Thank you.
    And I look forward to catching up.


    1. Hi Nyssa! So glad you are enjoying. We have made the adjustment with all the pronouns in the episodes that released since Kieran updated his statuses and checked in with him about his preferences…we are going try to go back through the backlog as we have time.

  3. Hello!

    I have a couple of things I’d love to chat with you about. :) I represent several RPG publishers and can coordinate online games with the designers and publishers, if you’re interested.

    Also, I’m a coordinator for The Credit Bureau, an initiative for women and non-binary folk who verb games and I’d love to get you involved.

    If you’re close enough to attend Metatopia, I’d love to have you out to see what’s new and maybe find things you want to interview over the next 6 months or so. (www.dexposure.com/home.html – Metatopia should be the top link.)


  4. So I just found you gals, and am starting to listen to RPG podcasts.

    I am curious, as I haven’t gotten to that part yet if there is one, why you decided to start podcasting and how you managed it.


    1. We actually started podcasting because of a tweet: someone was asking if anyone knew more APs with women as GMs. Emily and I were like YEAH we totally know some there’s Cthulhu and Friends, and there’s Campaign, and….and…..
      And we couldn’t come up with any more at the time. There are a few more now. Long story short, we decided that was something we could change, so we did. Sometimes it just takes clear representation to prove to other people they can do it too. And also….it’s very fun to do and we hope entertaining to listen to as well. ;)
      As for managing it, we didn’t start with any network or anything, just had been in to podcasts on the internet (especially) twitter for a while, and folks were very supportive of us. We record over Google Hangouts generally because we’re not usually all in one place (with a few singular exceptions). So it was two mics and away we go!

  5. Going to have to start to give a listen at work :)

    As a guy, I love my female players. Yes, men and women think and approach problems in different ways (that can be a good thing). More times than not the women who I game with have me having to hustle more than anyone else.

    I did a one shot with my gf and some friends (3 guys, two gals in that game). One of the bad guys was wearing a flak vest. Sprayed a fire extinguisher in his face than kneed him in the groin, totally bypassing his armor and incapacitating him. Threw me for a loop as a GM but was an example of the good kind of being thrown for a loop.

  6. Hello! I’m Debra Hoenig Parizek, owner of ParDen Us Gaming and publisher of EVERYVERSE RPG. I am indie publishing my late husband’s RPG in his honor. I’m just getting into your podcasts and would love it if you would consider playing my game sometime.

    1. Hi Debra! We’re booked out through at least November as of right now — can you drop us a note with a little more about the game? gamemaster(at)sasgeek.com

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