109 – Hearts of Wulin: The Fog

Content notice: on-screen parent violence against their adult children

Today Senda and Andi are joined by the co-writers of Hearts of Wulin (on Kickstarter!) Agatha Cheng from the Asians Represent podcast and Lowell Francis from the Gauntlet Podcast.

Last time we met the loyalty torn Vigilant Crane, the memory-lacking Moon-Sworn Heart, and the duty-bound Min the Harmonious Ivory Servant. Vigilant Crane’s father Jade Serpent has ordered him to kill Moon-Sworn Heart, but Vigilant Crane doesn’t know Moon-Sworn is his long-long sister. Moon-Sworn Heart attempted to woo the handsome Perfected Falcon (Vigilant Crane’s adopted older brother) and failed terribly. Min swore long ago to protect Moon-Sworn Heart from any harm, and it is that obligation that keeps her from pursuing her mutual unrequited love with Perfected Falcon.

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