119 – Sexy Battle Wizards

Joining Andi to play Grant Howitt‘s Sexy Battle Wizards are fellow Wednesday Evening Podcast All-Stars Chris Sneizak and Kevin Lovecraft.

In this game, you play wizards who have 3 stats:

  • SEXY

Basically they break down to social, physical, and magical. You play wizards who¬†work for the College Errant fighting injustice and looking to prevent arcane disasters.¬†However, our wizards Arlo and Verris are on vacation at the beautiful Emerald Beach, and nothing ever disrupts vacation … right??

One Reply to “119 – Sexy Battle Wizards”

  1. “Fisting the Whirlwind” will go down as one of the greatest lines ever recorded… nearly put me in a ditch, as I was driving at the time.

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