39 – Royal Blood: The Chariot

Our players infiltrate Space X — can they claim the chariot without inverting? And who is really in control of this plan?

This episode is the conclusion to our Royal Blood run, and also includes the most major safety fail I’ve ever had at my table. In light of this, we edited the game together, but also included both some of the table chatter and an interview at the end to clarify what happened, how we failed to take appropriate action, and how we can be better in the future. Learn from our mistakes. Don’t worry — we’re all still friends.

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3 Replies to “39 – Royal Blood: The Chariot”

  1. Wow. This podcast, with the treatment of the real life safety failure, is THE BEST rpg podcast I have ever heard!

    1. Thank you! It was difficult to continuously confront instead of all just moving on, but since we caught it on mic it seemed important to use the oppurtunity, and Phil and Chris were very magnanimous about it. They really did talk about the entirety of the instance significantly more over on the Misdirected Mark podcast if you want a really full discussion. Mostly I never want that to happen to anyone at my table again, and if this experience helps prevent it at other people’s table too, that’s even better!

  2. Thank you for the honesty and transparency. I hope your listeners learn from this and I’m glad everyone was okay afterward. I know some of my players have been dismissive of safety tools in our regular games because they think we don’t need them in groups with friends, that we all know and trust each other as opposed to games at conventions. It is also important to realize that safety tools can fail and how we can handle that in a way that minimizes the harm.
    I’m sorry that it happened but thank you for sharing and being an example of how we can game better.

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