47 – Alas for the Awful Sea: Silver Fish

Emily and Senda are joined by one half of the Storybrewers game design duo Hayley to play their new kickstarter game, Alas For The Awful Sea.

Finley McMichaels, the beloved of one Patience Jenkins, has assured her that he wants to go home with her even though his clan carries a grudge against hers. Auntie Jenkins is constantly questioning whether or not Finley actually wants to come with them but is following Patience with the weary kindness only a badass sailor aunt can muster.

Alas For The Awful Sea is a powered by the Apocalypse game set in 19th century rural United Kingdom, thematically concentrated of the hardships and politics of life and the mystery and magic of folk mythology existing as real. You can check our their kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/259750074/alas-for-the-awful-sea-myth-mystery-and-crime-in-1?ref=discovery

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