68 — Genesys

Today we’re playing Fantasy Flight Games’ new game Genesys! Our steampunk story is set in Steelhearth, the not-London of the setting. We are joined by Katrina OstranderStory Manager at Fantasy Flight Games & one of the Genesys Core Rulebook writers, as our GM.

It’s the night of Lady Selene’s annual gala where the rich, fabulous, and powerful gather to eat dainty pastries and dance. Our three players arrive, each with a distinct goal.


Mariam–Goli/Isolde Aurelia Humphries, a ruffian from the poor area of town known as the Squalor and member of the anti-noble group “The Levelers” looks to recruit Constance, a common-born magic user, to the cause

Emily–the Honorable Cordelia Scarborough, an investigator whose dramatic exploits are recorded by her flat mate Dr. Walton waits to question her friend’s estranged wife Dr. Petrova about her recent disappearance

Senda–Lady Allison Temperance Castleton, a noble gifted with magic seeks an apprenticeship for entrance into the Collegium Arcana for herself and for her lady’s maid’s cousin Constance

Learn more about Genesys, which hit the shelves 12/1, here, or you can get it directly from Fantasy Flight here!

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