8 – One Last Job 1

Senda and Emily sit down with James D’Amato, Liz Chaipraditkul, and Terra Snover to play a magical girl warp of Grant Howitt’s One Last Job, a one shot heist RPG where your fellow players build your character as you play.


GM: Emily

Captain Sparkles: Senda

Lieutenant Sapphire: Terra

Commander Shale: Liz

Sergeant Square: James


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You can download One Last Job here: 


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3 Replies to “8 – One Last Job 1”

  1. I literally just started planning a magical girl One Last Job game. I’ll have to give this a listen (and try to avoid taking too many ideas!)

    1. Even if you started in the exact same place, your players would inevitably change things to the point of no recognition. Steal away!

  2. Ok, just started listening to this at work and googled Rainbow Rangers. Turns out it’s an actual cartoon they are showing on Nickelodeon in 2017. The podcast was made in 2015. Was there an inspiration for this game? Coincidence? Signs of Cthulhu’s impending awakening?

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