81–We Can Once More Ascend

Today we’re playing Senda’s submission for the 2018 200 Word RPG Challenge! Below is the entire text:

“We are descended from Gods. When need arises, we can once more ascend,” your grandmother whispered in your ear, pressing the bow into your hands.

You need: GM, player, polyhedral dice.

Player: You are from an isolated village. The storm is coming. It travels swiftly, an arrow of chaos. Someone must stop it. You.

Your village and why you love it
You, a normal villager
Your fear

GM: Describe the scenes and create threats. Escalate with each scene. Take inspiration from the scene list, village, and their fear. When the player succeeds, move to the next scene.

– A Bear
– The Crossing
– Climbing to the sky
– The Storm

Start with two d6. One represents your fear, the other your self. When you take action in the face of danger, roll your self die and fear die.

– When fear is higher, fail. Create an additional fear. One fear manifests — attempt to overcome it. If you fail, move self down one step. Either way, move forward with the scene.

– When self is higher, succeed, and ascend. With each ascension, describe how you become closer to embodying lightning, and increase self one step.


D6: Mundane
D8: Hero
D10: Demigod
D12: Lightning

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