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12 – Headspace 2

Mr. Cross is cornered on the roof of a building, while across the way Burn draws attention to himself, and half a mile away Brooklyn speeds toward the scene on her hover bike.

On this episode we’re joined by Jim McClure of Talking Tabletop and Rob Abrazado of Dodecahedroid to complete our Headspace play through.  You can get the quick start from headspacerpg.com, and back the full game coming October 20th on kickstarter!

11 – Headspace

Headspace is an upcoming Apocalypse powered cyberpunk RPG from Green Hat Designs.  In their words:

Headspace is a role playing game that explores human emotion, memory and personal identity. The world of Headspace is a dark future where technology has begun to alter not just our bodies, but how we feel and even think.

In this future an advanced neural networking technology, Headspace, has been developed which allows its wielders to connect their consciousness directly into each other’s minds. Jacking into the Headspace comes with a cost; there is no going back. Once your minds are bound together, your every thought, sensation, emotion and even dreams are shared; over any distance at the speed of thought.

Headspace will be on kickstarted October 20th — don’t miss it!  Find out more about Headspace and download the quick start from headspacerpg.com or follow Mark at Green Hat Designs for updates.

Our guests this week are Jim McClure of Talking Tabletop and Rob Abrazado.