12 – Headspace 2

Mr. Cross is cornered on the roof of a building, while across the way Burn draws attention to himself, and half a mile away Brooklyn speeds toward the scene on her hover bike.

On this episode we’re joined by Jim McClure of Talking Tabletop and Rob Abrazado of Dodecahedroid to complete our Headspace play through. ¬†You can get the quick start from headspacerpg.com, and back the full game coming October 20th on kickstarter!

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  1. thanks a lot for the awesome podcast. I’m super excited about Headspace. I talked about it on my own podcast tonight, and about your take on it (don’t bother listening to it unless you speak french though…). Listening to these two episodes really made me want to kickstart it, and guess what, it’s coming just in time for my birthday. I haven’t listened to all your shows yet but I plan on doing it. Please keep up the good work !

    Julien, writing from Paris, France.

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